When is the Best Time to Visit London?

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The city of London, like the European capitals, can be discovered in any season. London’s vibrant, cosmopolitan, multicultural, attractive and ever-changing nature makes it an ideal destination for a discovery holiday or even a romantic weekend. If you’ve ever read the Keep Calm and Go to London ticket, all the right reasons, it is enough to convince you to plan a trip to the British capital. You must surely ask yourself what the best time for you to organize this short trip to London is. Look online for cheap flight tickets.

Most people will probably agree that the best time to organize a trip to London would be summer or spring. In fact, a visit to London is quite possible all year round. Because the city is crossed by a temperate and warm ocean climate – Each season comes with its charm and its lot of activities.

London Weather

In this article, I will try to list season by season the various activities that take place in order to give you a quick overview of the things to do and see during these periods, you will have ideas for getaways to London whatever the season.

But to combine the good weather and the heat with the tourist visits, it is preferable to privilege the summer season. During this period, long sunny days leave more time for discoveries and entertainment. Festivals and other cultural events such as the Wimbledon Tournament and the Queen’s Birthday, held during the summer, are crowded with visitors. Only, expect a more substantial travel budget, because hotels in London raise the price during the high season.

You can then find a good compromise in the period before the high tourist season and the one that follows. The weather conditions from April to May, and from September to October, allow you to enjoy a decent climate to discover London, with an affordable travel budget, and especially in peace. Christmas time is also a good time if you want to visit London under a thin layer of snow. So, what is the best time to go to London?

Here are some additional data to help you in your decision:

  • The most favorable month in terms of climate in London is September

  • On average, the hottest months are June, July and August

  • January is the coldest month of the year

  • The rainiest months are January, July, August, November and December

  • The most favorable months for swimming are August and September

Summing up

As we can see, London is full of activities to do whatever the season and not all are listed above, the wealth of the city is no longer to demonstrate. If you plan a trip to London for a weekend or a week, you will not get bored, just because of the volatile and unstable showers of London. Always have an umbrella on you and a pullover to cover you warmly. Have a nice stay in London!